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Company Profile

Bhatia Kakkar Enterprise belongs to Amritsar (India), which is home to the Golden Temple, also called Harmandir Sahib, the cultural & spiritual centre for the follower of Sikh religion. From the Gurus' Nagri, the company has been serving accurately designed Sikh Articles to people across the world, since 1991. Be it the Sikh Religious Books, Shaster, Kirpan, Rumala Sahib or any other Sikh Article, our company is known for providing the range which is designed as per The Sikh Code of Conduct & Convention using the best material available in the market. Moreover, we provide our sacred items, most of which are used for religious purpose in quality packaging material which guards them from dust, stains or any damage/ harm.

Our Exclusive Range of Gurudwara Items & Sikhs Essentials

Following are the types of Sikh Religious Products that we Bhatia Kakkar Enterprises create and offer:

  • Army Swords
  • Baaz
  • Battle Swords
  • Beard Swords
  • Chatter
  • Chola Sahib
  • Chower Sahib
  • Gatra
  • Hanging Items
  • Kachere
  • Kara
  • Kirpan

  • Music Instruments
  • Nishan Sahib
  • Palki Sahib
  • Religious Books
  • Religious Model
  • Room Fresheners
  • Royal Swords
  • Rumala Sahib
  • Shashter
  • Wedding Swords
  • Wooden Item
  • Sarbh Loh Utensils

Facts You Would Like to Know About Us:-

When We Started Working To Serve Sikhism Articles?
It was 1991

How Many People Are Working With Us?
There are total 10 people who support us in serving the offered sacred range.

Do We Have Any Designer and Engineer?
Yes, for having perfection in the creations, we have hired 2 Designers and 1 Engineer.

What Type of Production Set Up We Own?
We create our items in Automatic and Semi-Automatic production set up.

Do We Offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Facility?  
Yes, we do. We allow customers to market our created range under their own brand name.

Have We Maintained Warehousing Facility To Keep Stock?
A spacious warehouse is maintained by us to keep the entire offered range.

Do We Have Any Other Branch Office?
Yes, to deliver our range to a large number of Sikhism follower & believer, we have set up a branch.

What is Our Registered Exporters Code?

Most Popular Products
Steel Round Kara
Sikh Kara
Nishan Sahib Zinc Base