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Working sincerely to Support Sikkhism by providing its followers several Types of Sikh Religious Products/Gift Items.. 

Sikhism is one of the most beautiful and progressive religions, it is the fifth largest organized religion of the world, established some 500 years ago. There are more than 30 million adherents of this religion which has its own unique beliefs and divine scriptures. Last Guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh formed Khalsa, which is basically a distinctive external form, created to remind Sikhs about their commitments, help them in maintaining an elevated state of consciousness and devoting themselves towards purity of thoughts & actions. Every person of Sikh religion baptized Khalsa and the tenth Sikh Guru with his teachings compelled Sikhs to wear few articles of faith in their religion.

Mr. Tajinderpal, who is a firm believer of Sikhism; is working to promote this religion & help people of his community; and for the same, he has started a company with the name- Bhatia Kakkar Enterprise

This more than 26 years old company, works as a Manufacturer to create and serve All Types Of Sikh Religious Products including but not limited to Palki Sahib, Gatra, Chola Sahib, Chatter, Kachere, Nishan Sahib, Baaz, Rumala Sahib, Swords,Samurai Sword,Royal Swords & Battle Swords.

Adi Granth, popularly called Guru Granth Sahib is the most sacred object in Sikhism, originally written in Gurmukhi scrip. According to the Sikh Rehat Maryada (The Sikh Code of Conduct & Convention), this holy book must be installed and treated with due respect and for the same one has to use some Sikh Articles that includes Nishan Sahib. Our company serves all such products that are used in the Gurudwaras as well as separate room of the home, where Holy Book of Sikhs is installed.

Facts About Sikh Culture and What Sikhs Believe

Sikhism was divinely related to Guru Nank Dev Ji, who was their first Guru, nine Gurus followed him and the last was Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
In Punjab, which is one of the most famous languages of India, Sikh means Seeker of Knowledge.
The religion believes in gender equality, third Guru of Sikhs, Guru Amar Das Ji always raised his voice in favor of Indian women and made people go against the practices of Sati System.
As a sign of living in harmony with God, Sikhs do not cut their hair, men & some women even keep their hair cover as a mark of their faith in the religion.
Sikhs wear a Steel Bracelet, called Kara, which reminds them about the Unity of God and commitments to higher values. - Some also wear Kirpan, a ceremonial dagger which reminds them about their duty to fight against injustice like their Gurus have done.
Sikhism instructs its follower to not perform animal sacrifice, keep fasts, conduct self torture, or go on pilgrimage. The religion believes in simple way of pleasing god without performing any tough rituals and believing in superstitions.

Why Deal With Us?

Bhatia Kakkar Enterprises is united efforts of some Sikh followers, who are working in its team to create perfect products as recommended by the guidelines of this one of the most youngest of the major world religions. With the below cited points, we claim ourselves a reliable company to deal with:

  • We are serving several types of Sikh Religious Items, since 1991
  • From last many years, we have been offering an exclusive range of embroidered items like Chandoa Sahib and Rumala Sahib. Our embroidery art work speaks for itself and is tough to find anywhere else.
  • Our company always stay keen to know and adapt new designs and techniques for creating offered articles
  • The company offers a collection which includes pieces of many unique designs that can be bought by visiting our store as well as online through e-mail or a call.
  • In our 1035sq. ft. sprawling set up, offered items are created with absolute perfection using the finest material including Iron, Steel, Wood, Brass and Plastic.

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